Glover Reef Atoll Dive Site

Belize Scuba Diving: Placencia Dive Sites & Hopkins Dive Sites


Glover Reef Atoll Dive Sitee

Belize Scuba Diving Sites: Placencia Diving & Hopkins Diving

This southern atoll is also a World Heritage Site and protected area, has dive sites ringing it on all sides. The southeastern side that faces the Caribbean Sea is dotted with 5 cayes that site right on the fringe reef area.


There are some small resorts on these cayes that make nice getaways from civilization. Dive sites off of the cayes offer steep vertical walls.

Near the southern end is a double wall system that starts at 45 feet and features abundant gorgonians, sponges and wire corals, with heavy plate corals in the deeper areas. Cross currents flowing along these wall structures at the southernmost end bring in pelagic surprises, so keep your eyes peeled.


Going north along the eastern side, there are is network of swim-through along the wall where various species of snapper and grouper like to shelter. Goliath grouper have been observed in this area frequently. Red-lipped batfish are routinely observed on the southeastern side of this atoll. Caribbean reef shark are often seen cruising the edge of the wall together with spotted eagle rays and turtles.


 The western side of the atoll offers numerous large pinnacles lining the wall that loom up like ancient giants covered in coral and sponge growth. This atoll offers numerous sites that require more than one trip to experience. Yet another snorkelers haven.


Photos Credit: Coppola's Resorts & Dave Charters

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