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This area of the barrier reef does not offer the protection of a fringe reef near the surface to the cayes and shallows on the inside. Pompion Caye is south of the Silk Cayes and north of Ranguana Caye, and sits over a mile inside the wall drop off area.


This privately owned caye also has a coral rubble island, formed by storms, to its south. The wall to the east in this area offers a dramatic vertical drop. The top of the wall has good coral formations with sand channel breaks in between, where the usual colourful reef fish can be observed.


Pompion dive sites are known for sightings of game fish like large jacks and king fish. Large black and Nassau groupers like the vertical drop. Divers should look out for reef sharks and mantas off of the wall. The top of the wall is 40 feet or less in many areas, so both novices and advanced divers can enjoy this diving area. Snorkeling is not offered here.

Photos Credit: Coppola's Resorts & Dave Charters

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